is firmly committed to meeting the needs of our customers while preserving the environment for future generations. We work each day to minimize our impact on the environment through sustainable and lean business practices. Here’s how we partner with you to leave a small footprint, and make a big difference.


SmithBates offers a long lineup of paper options with recycled content and FSC chain-of-custody certification.

vegetable-based inks

We use vegetable-based, blended inks that are easier on the environment than traditional petroleum-based inks.

recycling and disposal

We collect and segment recyclable from non-recyclable waste. We recycle over 7.5 tons of recaptured waste each month, keeping 180,000 pounds of scrap out of the landfill each year, to reappear as recycled paper.

ink and toner

Our copy machines are as eco-friendly as our presses. Along with using recycled copy paper, we recycle all copier toner bottles as well as large format printer ink and cartridges.

renewable energy

SmithBates’ goal is to rely on renewable energy sources for at least 30% of our power requirements by partnering with Pacific Power as a Blue Sky Champion and as an EPA Green Partner.


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