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Protect and build your brand with an integrated resource center designed specifically for your team. Seamless on-line ordering, single sign-ons and dedicated asset libraries save you time, money and headaches. SmithBates has developed customized Marketing Resource Centers for complex, regionally dispersed companies with all of these benefits:

  • All marketing information is accessible in real time, 24/7
  • One catalog, one sign-on and searchable across to all vendors.
  • Allows more marketing autonomy at the local level—less touches from HQs.
  • Streamlines operations.
  • Promotes consistent usage of your brand across multiple vendors and branch locations.
  • Provides automatic ordering and shipping notifications.
  • Real time savings—fewer touches from ordering to billing.
  • Consolidated detailed monthly billing. One invoice
  • Personnel spends less time in front of the computer and more time in front of clients.

Our Brand management solution allows our clients with multiple channels and distribution points to easily move product and information throughout their dispersed network. We have offered Brand Management portals and solutions, in addition to our traditional Design, Print & Web solutions for several years. Now we are letting others in on our secret. We simplify the business of doing business for marketing communication clients.

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