Targeted marketing campaigns

Tough times like these call for unconventional and highly targeted promotions that rely on time, energy, and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. 

SmithBates can help you target consumers or business clients in unexpected places, with memorable messages to generate buzz online and off. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs and smaller businesses that are closer to their customers and more agile than corporate giants. 

SmithBates can help you devise inexpensive and creative marketing campaigns and promotions by using “guerilla marketing” techniques made famous by author and marketer Jay Conrad Levinson as well as our own 30-years of Marcomm experience:


  • "Warm calls" to warm up your existing customers, beef up your customer service and create an opportunity to cross-sell other products and services or identify new needs you can fulfill.
  • Clever leave-behinds to extend the call, either a small printed piece or a useful specialty item that will remind a customer of your business, such as a notepad cube with surprise messages.
  • e-Newsletters that customers can bookmark to reference or easily forward to business associates, expanding your network of referrals.
  • Cooperative marketing to share costs with other businesses, such as a co-op newsletter, newspaper advertising flyer, or reciprocal statement stuffers.
  • Fully utilizing manufacturers' co-op advertising programs that can often be used for signage, brochures, and specialty items, in addition to advertising space or time. 

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