What We’re Reading – November 2018

DEZEENNorwegian Banknotes Featuring Snøhetta’s Pixilated Designs Now in Circulation

The new 50 and 500 kroner banknotes feature pixilated images of Norwegian coastlines designed by architecture studio Snøhetta. There is so much to love about these designs!

COPYBLOGGERWhy Staying Curious Is So Important for Creativity

Creativity can be improved upon. The more you tryout new things, the more skills you develop, the more creative you’ll become. Go do something new.

COLOSSALLarger-Than-Life Animals Terrorize Suburban Towns in Paintings by John Brosio

The horror of a ginormous crow standing over a strip mall or a massive Big Gulp towering above a suburban neighborhood with 60s tract homes … these are not your average oil paintings.

PRINT MAGAZINEBinder Sizes: Dimensions & Capacities for 3-Ring Binders

Not everything we read is fun and fantastical. Sometimes it is functional. And this is a great article on the considerations needed to select the right binder for the task at hand.

FAST COMPANYWant to Make People Act More Generously? Try This Simple Mind Trick

Numerous studies have shown that people act in ways that are more socially beneficial to everyone when they feel they’re being watched. Yes, there is a study for that. We’ll watch while you find out what they discovered.

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