What We’re Reading – June 2018

ADWEEKHere are the CMO’s Hottest Topics on LinkedIn So Far in 2018

CMOs like to read about what their peers are doing as well as specific strategies. This report lists the top 10 articles engaging CMOs so far this year.

FORBESOne LinkedIn Habit You Need to Develop

And speaking of LinkedIn, this is a great idea for spreading the love and enriching your business.

ADOBE CREATEFraming the Story: Animator Jocie Juritz

This London-based animator spends her days explaining complicated subjects such as the science behind monomolecular genetic switches – and it all began with cat GIFs.

SOCIAL MEDIA TODAYWhen & How Often You Should Post on Each Social Network [Infographic]

It is the age-old question (well, at least since the mid-2000s), how often should I post per day? Here is your cheat sheet.

CODO DESIGN2018 Craft Beer Branding Trends

Mmmmmm … great design AND craft beer.

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