What We’re Reading – July 2018

SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY20 Productivity Apps to Help You Do More In Less Time [Infographic]

We are all about saving time and being more productive! Here is a quick look at some that will turn you into a Time Lord (Tardis not included).

FAST COMPANYYour Guide to Cleaning Up Your Inbox in One Hour

While we are talking about productivity … have you let your email pile up like a stack of dry cleaning in the back seat of your car? It is time to go to the cleaners with these great tips.

THE VERGEBig Clapper is a $4,500 Robot That Will Applaud You Until the Day You Die

Do you feel underappreciated in life? Would you like a little more support? How about some applause for all that amazing work you do? You should definitely buy this tomato-faced robot to clap and cheer you on for the rest of your life.

PICK THE BRAIN4 Ways to Clear Your Mind Through Creativity

At SmithBates, we have been exploring creativity, what it means and how to unleash its power all year. The misconception is that you need to have talent or a “gift” in order to be creative. Give it a try.

PRINTING NEWS3D Printer Used to Make Sushi

We’re not sure about this one … Open Meals is a Japan-based tech company which produced the first 3D printed sushi, debuting at this year’s SXSW. Yummy? Watch the video and you decide.

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