What We’re Reading – August 2018

DEZEEN10 Architectural Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Stunning images of projects from around the world … like a mini-vacation, but on your phone and no frequent flyer miles.

CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE5 Psychological Insights to Improve Your Content Marketing

Being aware of psychological principles is helpful whether you’re building a website, composing a tweet or writing a blog post.

SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY10 Social Media Pet Peeves That Can Hurt Your Professional Reputation

Whether you are social media neophyte or a master poster, this list of no-nos is a good one to check yourself against.

THE DIELINE27 Packaging Designs That Feature Pen & Ink Style Illustrations

We are obsessed with beautiful printing and amazing design. These pen and ink style illustrations make our hearts skip a beat, in a good way.

COLOSSALThe Van Gogh Museum and Vans Collaborate on a Wearable Collection of Masterworks

Now that we have your ear … The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has partnered with footwear and apparel brand Vans for a collaborative collection based on Vincent van Gogh’s iconic paintings.

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