What We’re Reading – Apr 2018

A roundup of the articles, posts and other nifty things we are reading at this moment.

ADWEEKWhy Brands Struggle When Marketing to an Envious Consumer

Social media has created a market rife with jealousy and shame. Exactly the negative sand pit you don’t want your brand playing in. Brands need to lean in to the opposite virtues when building strategies.

ADOBE CREATEHead for the Hills with Kopernikk

After a series of unfortunate events left him feeling unsure about what to do with his life, Jan Řeháček, better known by his “nom de camera,” Kopernikk, started taking photos … simply breathtaking.

SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY3 Top Tech Trends Small Businesses Need to Adopt This Year [Infographic]

As technology evolves, new applications come into play, broadening opportunities for different kinds of business. And because we love a good infographic.

INCMost Startups Ignore the One Statistic That Leads to Long-Term Success

To ensure the long-term health of your company, make sure you’re keeping track of this metric. This one is for all the number-crunching, statistic-loving, strategy geeks out there.

ADAGEAlibaba Now Has a Giant “Vending Machine” Stocked with Ford Cars

Ford and China’s Alibaba Group are working on the future of car buying and ownership, and this is a quirky product of that partnership. Interesting, but where’s the coin slot?

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