What We’re Reading – November 2018

A roundup of the articles, posts and other nifty things we are reading at this moment.

What’s Next?: Q&A with Ann Cavanaugh

SmithBates’ vice president and CFO gives some insight on what drives the company’s corporate giving and why the community is key.

How to Start a Corporate Giving Program

Sometimes it’s tough to know where to start, but it is never too late to make giving back a priority.

How Community Involvement Programs Can Grow Your Business

Companies that encourage involvement in the community stand out among their peers and see multiple benefits as a result.

Client Profile: Klamath Community Foundation

A force for good – helping people who love the Basin do great things for the Basin.

How to Win at Corporate Philanthropy

There is more to philanthropy than writing a check. Align your company’s values with your giving for a winning combination.

4 Strategies to Build a Stronger Brand through Philanthropy

A philanthropic plan can help charities accomplish their mission while growing your company and your brand.

Ideas for Corporate Giving

It just feels good to give. And it is the right thing for your business to do as well. Snap up some of these ideas and make a difference.

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