5 Promotional Swag Trends to Propel Your Marketing in 2017

Tailor a unique product that will clearly communicate your company’s message using these trends.

Team Klamath

Challenge A cross-functional economic development team set out to attract out-of-state agribusinesses to Klamath County. But the team consisted of various organizations that needed to present themselves under a unified brand and consistently convey a cohesive set of compelling benefits for why Klamath County is a great place for business. They needed a full-blown marketing […]

Klamath Community Foundation

Community Foundation

Challenge Klamath Community Foundation, a small non-profit with the smallest of staffs, needed a fresh look, including a new logo, tagline, business stationery, collateral and web site. Key aspects of the existing brand were to be preserved. We can respect that. Process We explored what was important to our client’s brand and how they planned […]

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