Meet the Team: Wes Lewis


If you are picking teams, you better be sure Wes is your first choice! Wes is like the utility outfielder of SmithBates. His responsibilities include printing (all presses: digital, offset and letterpress), bindery tasks, maintaining equipment, training and troubleshooting all things related to the printing process.

Wes has been with SmithBates for more than 15 years. Past work experience as tech support for Apple, among others, gives Wes a diversified knowledge base that has been useful in how he approaches his current duties.

More Wes stuff …

Favorite way to spend time:
hunting and fishing

Hidden talent:

Guilty pleasure:
video games

Favorite spot on the planet:
the woods

Favorite quote:
“I will, right!” – Wes Lewis

537 Northern Heights Blvd., Klamath Falls, OR 97601 / 1.800.303.3714 /