Meet the Team: Daniel Bukovinsky

Digital Pressman

From the misty mountains of western North Carolina to his new home here in the high desert, Daniel brings a youthful energy and creative passion to the SmithBates team. As our digital specialist, he ensures that projects run smoothly through our Versant digital press. His keen eye for color correction, proper imposition and understanding the nuances of how ink lays on different types of paper result in beautiful printing for our clients.

Before joining SmithBates a year ago, Daniel worked in a variety of jobs including work at a J.Crew distribution center, trainer at OceanX and delivery/appliance installer for Lowes. The critical thinking skills he picked up along the way are a huge asset to the team. Also of note, Daniel competed in the Phoenix Challenge – a graphic arts/printing competition – placing in the top three internationally two years in a row.

More Daniel stuff …

Favorite way to spend time:
I enjoy playing guitar and making music, as well as painting and writing – I also enjoy playing D&D and videogames

Hidden talent:
I pride myself in being able to cook a mean batch of chili

Guilty pleasure:
a relaxing cup of fresh coffee and a good book

Favorite spot on the planet:
where my next adventure waits

Most famous celebrity encounter:
I once saw Steve Martin driving his car

Favorite quote:
“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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