Creative Direct Mail for 2018 and Beyond

Direct mail has been around for a very long time. If you continue to produce the same old pieces you have been mailing in the past, you will see a drop in your response rates. You must create new, fresh and engaging direct mail pieces to get the results you need. Why should you continue to mail with all of the other channel options? Consider these two stats from the DMA 2017 Fact Book: Direct mail customer response rates increased year-over-year by 43 percent and prospect response rates increased year-over-year by 190 percent.

Summer Gould, president of Eye/Comm Inc., shares how can you best leverage these response rates for your mail campaigns – know what your audience wants so you send that to them and use the tips below:

Be Engaging

There are so many creative ideas to get people to engage with your mail pieces. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Here are a few ideas that have worked really well for others:

Paper – Look at the paper you are using, consider adding texture with either different stock or adding a coating to it. Using the sense of touch is a great way to draw people in and it can’t be done with digital marketing.

Folds – Have you considered using creative folds? Folding requires interaction; your audience must open the folds. You can have short panels, multiple folds within a mailer and even endless folds, where you just keep unfolding panels with different messaging on each one.

Technology – There are so many different technologies available now to enhance your direct mail pieces. Mobile devices are with us all of the time now, incorporate ways for people to use them with your mail pieces, such as augmented reality or near field communication.

Be Eye-catching

Through the use of images, color and creativity, you can grab attention:

Images – Don’t use boring stock images. Find fun images that stick with your brand and messaging, but are out of the ordinary. You want to make people curious and draw them into the copy.

Color – There are so many color options you can really find ones that stand out in the mailbox. This is not a time to be boring; grab attention right away.

Creativity – Unique designs work best. Think of mail pieces you have done in the past and spice them up with new creative changes. You can use die cuts, metallic ink and so much more.

Get Response

You need to offer many ways to respond. When you make it easy for people to respond, in the way they prefer, you get better results:

Phone – Provide a phone number for people to call. If you are able, use a special number to track your responses, if not, give them a response code that they will need to provide when they call in.

Web – Create a special landing page just for this campaign. You can track who has looked at it, as well as who actually filled out the form.

Email – Provide an email address that they can respond to.

Text – Allow people to text to respond by providing a text short code.

Come In – If you have a location, give people the option to come in and see you; provide an address for them to do just that.

Your direct mail should really pop if you use these tips. Of course, this does not address your list and any information you may have on your customers and prospects. You need to send the right offers to the right people to get the response rates you want. Taking the time to set goals, get creative and track responses will help you get the results you want.

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