Cool Ways to Use Variable Data Printing (VDP) to Improve Marketing Results

Marketing today is all about personalization. With the amount of data collected every day about people and their lifestyles, habits and purchases you can market to an individual so specific it may be downright creepy.

Yet many marketers have not gone beyond the simple personalization of “Dear First Name” in many of their efforts. There are so many elements that can be customized. For example, did you know images could be printed variably, too? Maeghan Nicholson, marketing manager for Suttle-Straus and contributor to Printing Impressions, highlights three more cool ways VDP is being used today:

1. Customize the Offer

Casinos have a lot of data in-house about how much money is spent at their locations. They use this information to personalize future offers to encourage repeat visitors. Using VDP, they can make sure they are offering an appropriate incentive for each player’s level of loyalty. Ho-Chunk Gaming uses this strategy when mailing monthly offers to their players club.

2. Speak Their Language

Are you marketing to more than just English speakers? Since Hy Cite operates in North and South America, they use VDP to deliver loyalty cards with incentives to their independent sales reps in both English and Spanish across five different product lines.

3. Get More Donations

It’s a best practice for nonprofit fundraisers to personalize the donation ask for any giving campaign based on the last donation received from an individual. By using data from previous donations, you can create custom donation reply cards that ask for increasing amounts.

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