Client Q&A: Sara Pemberton

It is All About the Trees – A Printing Partnership and a Passion for Building Products

The Pacific Northwest is the epicenter for building product companies that use nature’s renewable forests. It is also the home of SmithBates, which is why we specialize in printing solutions specifically tailored for the wood products industry. OrePac Building Products is one of the rising stars in the industry, boasting more than 1.9 million square feet of warehouse space in 10 branches located throughout the West. We recently caught up with Sara Pemberton, OrePac’s Senior Graphic Designer and Marketing Assistant, and talked shop.

We love OrePac’s mission statement: “Make Complicated Simple.” What is your top tactic for delivering on this promise?

SP: We aim to “make complicated simple” by creating and providing quality products and services in all aspects of the company. For marketing, our daily objective is to take the language of building products and translate it into a timeless and user-friendly piece that both customer and consumer audiences will appreciate.

I would think managing a brand that also represents various other brands would be tricky. Do you run into any challenges when it comes to incorporating other company’s brands into your own OrePac branded materials?

SP: We are entrusted to uphold not only our own brand integrity but also those of our vendors and customers. While following guidelines of multiple brands can be challenging, we rely on the strong relationships with our vendors and make sure to have open communication when creating any co-branded pieces.

SmithBates has been printing for OrePac since 2016?

SP: Yes, SmithBates has been printing for our marketing department since July 2016.

Why SmithBates? What are we doing right?

SP: Our favorite attribute of SmithBates is their constant effort in providing the best solution for the task at hand. When we need to create a new piece, they are always a reliable advocate to find multiple options and recommend the best choice for our needs.

Any words of wisdom for working with printers? Any tips from your end?

SP: What I have found useful working with printers is that it’s always best to compile as much information as possible in the original conversation. Provide as much background, requirements, etc., as you can because the printer will know what questions to ask and will always find a detail you missed. They are your advocate for the quality and functionality of your project. Pick their brains and ask them for their professional input; this will guarantee you get the best results for your order.

Early in my career, I was told to treat printers as if they were toddlers – be very specific with your instructions. And that was advice given by a printer!

Any last thoughts to share?

SP: I would agree that being as specific as possible is key to getting the result you need. What I, and our other designers, practice when requesting a new print job is to gather as many specs as possible but also gather as many questions, descriptions and examples as possible. The more information the printer has to work with, the better your end product will be.

“We are very happy to have SmithBates as one of our go-to printers. They are a strong group with a lot of experience we rely on day-to-day.”Sara Pemberton, Senior Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant, OrePac
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