Client Profile: Klamath Community Foundation

Where Good Grows

Stated simply, the Klamath Community Foundation is committed to helping people who love the Basin do great things for the Basin – a public charity whose core purpose is to enhance and sustain the quality of life in Klamath County, Oregon.

The Foundation is one of nearly 700 community foundations across the nation and one of more than a dozen community foundations throughout Oregon. Led by Executive Director Heidi Neel Biggs, the Foundation does two things:

  • Works with donors to create charitable funds, which generate steady income from year to year. Working alone, donors and nonprofits trying to establish charitable funds face high legal and investment costs. The Foundation does this for them, meaning fewer dollars toward administration and more toward the Basin area causes they care about.
  • Helps nonprofits manage their resources cost-effectively through fund administration, training and other support services. This increases the ability of Basin nonprofits to accomplish their missions.

In many ways, it is like the community’s savings account – a pool of money, contributed to by many, which is invested to produce income for local nonprofits whose good work improves everyone’s quality of life.

Klamath Community Foundation Board Member Bob Kingzett notes, “Strengthening nonprofits strengthens the Basin. In addition to serving as stewards of endowed funds, the Klamath Basin Community Foundation works with nonprofit organizations to help them better meet their missions. The Klamath Community Foundation provides basic technical assistance, workshops on budgeting, donor outreach and other best practices to help build the skills of nonprofit staff and boards.”

Community Building

Since its inception in 2012, the Klamath Community Foundation has grown from a half dozen funds totaling just over $250,000 to 25 funds with more than $2.3 million in assets. In 2017, the Foundation approved over $30,000 in distributions for charitable projects in the area. A few of the projects supported include the award-winning downtown Bird Box art project, the Roosevelt Elementary playground renovation, and the beautiful Sugarman’s Corner sculpture park.

Our Part of their Story

SmithBates believes in strengthening communities and supports many nonprofits through in-kind services as well as providing board leadership from its staff. SmithBates CFO Ann Cavanaugh has served on the Klamath Community Foundation board for eight years, providing leadership, vision, marketing advice and financial support.

“SmithBates is proud to be a trusted partner, providing ongoing design, branding and marketing expertise to Klamath Community Foundation by exploring what was important to the organization and developing a distinctive identity that really communicates their mission,” according to Cavanaugh. “From the tagline ‘Where good grows’ through a full suite of business stationery, collateral and a revamped website, everything is designed to support their good work in our community.”

“Though we sensed who we are, we struggled to describe it to others until we worked with the SmithBates team. They gave us a fresh, outsider’s perspective while at the same time became an integrated part of our team. The graphics, tagline, even the colors convey exactly what we want others to know about us. Perfectly executed!”Heidi Neel Biggs, Executive Director, Klamath Community Foundation
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