Client Profile: Klamath Works

Work is good – Helping those in need return to self-sufficiency and realize a better quality of life through something as simple as a job.

Case Study: Wilfort Inc. Corporate and Product Branding

“Shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo …” Helping a growing aquaculture company develop their brand was right in SmithBates’ wheelhouse.

Case Study: Oregon Tech Spark a Response Mailer

Competition for the smartest and brightest requires an approach that is surprisingly old-school with a touch of tech, OIT style.

Case Study: Fortune 500 Company AMP & nStore

A global supplier of windows and doors taps into SmithBates’ workflow e-solutions for real efficiencies.

Case Study: Great Basin Insurance Website

A company with a rich history updates its image and website while uniting two communities in the process.

Case Study: KCEDA/Choose Klamath Branding

A powerful force for the community gets an image update that puts them on the map and delivers results.

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