Case Study: KCEDA/Choose Klamath Branding

Industry: Economic Development

The Challenge

Since 1975, Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA) has provided tailored recruitment and retention/expansion programs, new opportunities for jobs and championed a diversified economic development climate in southern Oregon. But its branding didn’t reflect the progressive direction the organization was heading. The KCEDA logo was dated, too representational and looked more like a travel destination logo. There was also a Team Klamath logo that was being used for marketing purposes but lacked integration with the existing KCEDA branding and created confusion in the market. Few outside of the area knew about Klamath County or its location and more was needed to increase awareness, particularly on the West Coast. In 2015, new leadership and a reenergized board recognized a change was required, and SmithBates stepped up to the challenge.

Original Branding

Progression of new concepts

Our Process

A series of discovery and goal-defining meetings led to the decision to address the KCEDA logo first. After exploring some initial ideas involving growth icons, it became clear that a more simplified approach was desired, especially as development of a new, more prominent marketing sub-brand was determined. “Team Klamath” didn’t reflect KCEDA’s goal of persuading companies to relocate or startup in Klamath County. A naming change to “Choose Klamath” created an immediate call to action. The same fonts were ultimately chosen for KCEDA and Choose Klamath as well as a consistent color palette. The addition of the county shape and bright orange pointer to the Choose Klamath logo gave it a sense of location while maintaining a more business-oriented aesthetic.

Results That Shine

The updated KCEDA logo is clean, modern and easy to use. More importantly, it supports the external Choose Klamath branding when needed by being complementary in its simplicity. The new Choose Klamath approach clearly defines the messaging goal as the organization’s marketing component. The entire branding package feels professional, polished and progressive while elevating its sense of place and location. The integrated flexibility it allows ensures that it can evolve as needed to reflect the ever-changing economic landscape it serves to support.

New branding & variations

“SmithBates Marcomm is an extraordinary partner to our organization. In addition to being an excellent printing resource, they have been a highly reliable service provider in advancing our strategic development and marketing efforts.”Andrew Stork, Operations Manager, Klamath County Economic Development Association
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