Case Study: Great Basin Insurance Website

Industry: Professional/Insurance

The Challenge

With a 100-year history in Klamath Falls, Great Basin Insurance (GBI) sells a wide portfolio of insurance products for businesses and consumers in the basin area and Eugene. They have built their reputation for customized solutions by working one-on-one with local ranchers, farmers, businesses and individuals for generations; understanding their unique needs. Unfortunately, this compelling story was not being communicated through their website and there was a disconnect with constituents in Eugene.

Flash back to the last quarter of 2015. GBI’s 15-year-old website was difficult to navigate, mobile-unfriendly, lacked analytics and social media, and needed basic functionality like online bill pay and efficient quote requests. It also wasn’t built on a content management system (CMS) platform. Beyond the technical limitations, the website was focused on the company and products offered rather than on promoting benefits for existing and potential clients. And it was too representational of Klamath Falls, with no photos or meaningful mention of the Eugene area. On the cusp of a 100-year anniversary, GBI’s leadership recognized it was time for a change and SmithBates was called in to assist.

Original homepage

Current homepage

Our Process

After a discovery meeting with GBI and further research, we determined a more holistic approach was warranted beyond just updating the technical deficiencies of the website. We proposed that GBI reboot their brand with a new logo, brand look and feel, and messaging targeted to expanding their reach with a younger demographic. Using all of this in a new website, incorporating modern design and essential functionality, would be key in helping GBI realize its project goals. Since GBI had no marketing staff, SmithBates coordinated all project work and provided marketing expertise. As leadership with GBI transitioned during the lifespan of the project, decisions were made for design of the new logo to be completed by a designer in Eugene. In collaboration with and listening to all stakeholders, we used the new logo to establish an updated brand look and feel. Once this was done, we developed new messaging and content, sourced fresh photography and designed the new website so that content could be updated by the GBI team.

Sample of interior page

Results That Shine

The updated GBI website is easy to navigate with essential information available within a couple of clicks. The design showcases the company’s modern, new look and is mobile responsive. Photography showcasing young families and scenes generic enough to appeal to clients in both the Klamath Basin and Eugene area, helps define the scope of services provided and to whom they benefit. Linking the online quoting forms directly to GBI’s third-party quoting software saves the firm time and data entry expense that was previously incurred. The overall design is flexible and can easily be expanded as Great Basin Insurance enters its next century of service.

Bill pay

Quote request

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