8 Tips for Creating Successful Email Lead Generation Campaigns

Over the last few years, email has proven itself to be one of the most effective tools available to marketers. Even with the rise of social media marketing and other more complex strategies, email marketing retains a strong track record of success.

To get the most out of email marketing, however, it’s important to create a comprehensive campaign that efficiently generates leads for your business while minimizing costs. Mary Walton, a professional editor and marketing strategist, discusses eight key tips to help you along the way while simultaneously building your opportunities as a business.

Getting Back to Basics

Compared to other marketing techniques, email campaigns are fairly easy to understand. At the end of the day, an email is an email, and mastering good composition on a fundamental level is crucial before moving onto anything else.

1. Relevant Subject Lines

Subject lines have the potential to make or break your campaign. The subject line of an email plays the same role as the headline of an article: it determines whether or not anyone will click.

2. Keep Emails Clean

If you have ever opened an email to find sloppy formatting and sloppy text, then you know the importance of a clean and minimal design. Failing to invest in your email formatting can easily push away leads.

3. Easy Readability

Your emails should be as easy to read as possible. You should also take every precaution to ensure that your call to action (CTA) text is clearly labeled, and the entire body of the email is scannable.

4. Define Each Email

Before setting out to create emails for your marketing campaign, you should define the purpose of each message. Over the course of a campaign, you might create hundreds of emails, so it’s important that every single one has a clearly defined goal.

Beyond the Basics

Once you are writing and sending basically good emails to your subscribers, there are a variety of ways to boost their effectiveness. Any method of perfecting an email involves looking closely at small details that can influence the results of your campaign.

5. Use Specific Targeting

Thanks to modern day software and marketing packages, you can select your email audience with significant precision. Using precision targeting, you can create different emails for each demographic before sending them off to dedicated mailing lists.

6. Write Engaging Content

Content in the body of an email needs to be engaging for people to read or act on it. Some key tips to remember when creating email content is to keep things short, sweet and always make sure to stay on point. When writing an email, keep the purpose in mind, and never stray from it.

7. Test Your Emails

Test your emails before taking any risks. The most popular way to do this is with A/B testing platforms. During these tests, you will simultaneously run two similar ideas with unique calls to action, text, subject lines etc. to see which performs best in large groups. When the results come back, you can simply choose the best bits of both emails, and combine them to improve.

8. Analyze & Redefine

Once you’ve launched your email marketing campaign, you should continually monitor its performance. Email marketing is a constant job that needs constant adjustment to remain effective.

The first thing you’ll want to monitor is your open rates. Hopefully, if you’ve divided your lists up well and included a good subject line, this rate should be fairly high (around 25%). However, if it’s too low you’ll need to invest time in your subject line to ensure those emails are getting opened. When your emails are being opened, you should then monitor click-through rates, which should hover at around 5%.

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