8 Ingredients for Awesome Promotional Gifts

It’s no wonder that promotional gifts for clients are so popular. Promotional gifts are a $2.2 billion industry according to the Promotional Products Association International. Corporate gifts have the power to please clients and prospects by showing you’re thinking of them. Done well, they also make your business more memorable. They help convey what your brand stands for — be it playfulness, creativity, productivity or something else.

Anita Campbell, founder and publisher of Small Business Trends and CEO of TweakYourBiz.com, discusses eight tips to keep in mind when you want to take your promo products to the next level. The promo gifts that really make an impression are those that go beyond the standard branded promotional items.

  1. Create something unique
  2. Make it thicker than an envelope – a package or box builds anticipation
  3. Give the recipient something interactive
  4. Make it relevant to your business
  5. Let it be creative and classy – cost and impression are two different things
  6. Include your logo … tastefully
  7. Pick something that lasts
  8. Put in special effort

If you want to make a splash by giving a memorable marketing gift, follow these eight tips. By taking the time to develop something unique and memorable, you serve your business well and honor your loyal customers. You also impress sales prospects.

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