6 Marketing Trends for 2017 – Don’t Skip the Promo Items

At the beginning of the year, Entrepreneur Magazine weighed in on the top marketing trends for 2017. An article featured on Huffpost by Valerie Hayman Skylar, president of Corporate Specialties LLC, discussed what was missing, was just how many of the best practices could be enhanced with promotional product campaigns. Digital marketing is here to stay, but nothing can beat the unique touch and brand-to-user connection of, say, a customized coffee tumbler. Here’s how to integrate branded giveaways and promotional items with a few of Entrepreneur’s 2017 trends to have the best of both worlds:

  1. Use content marketing to promote your business (and your promos)
  2. Locate your target influencer, and give them some swag
  3. Try visual content to showcase your brand and promos
  4. Offer now-or-never with ephemeral content
  5. Personalize for your target demographic
  6. Automate your marketing by scheduling through the sales cycle

It is not too late to make 2017 a big year. Just remember that customer connectivity is not complete without the special punch of promotional products.

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