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We continually invest in talented people and the latest technology.
And we are at your service.


Let us surprise you with how much we care! We have a history
of delivering exactly what our clients need, even when they didn't know
exactly what they wanted.


We help the Marketing Professional by creating customized
workflow solutions that make their lives easier.

Big Box Navigation

Thousands of SKUs and the complexities of large retail chains
can frustrate even the most ardent marketing professional.
Our asset management and creative workflow solutions
have proven to simplify the business of doing business.

Brand Management

Protect and build your brand with an integrated resource center
designed specifically for your team. Seamless on-line ordering, single sign-ons
and dedicated asset libraries save you time, money and headaches.


Our range of equipment gives us the edge to run your job on the
press that makes sense for you. Not necessarily more cents for us.

Branding & Creative>>

If you're looking for fresh new ideas that inspire, look no further. We don't just make pretty pictures, we make excitement.

Asset Management>>

We give complex marketing teams the ability to see the pieces they need through an Asset Catalog and quickly order and ship those pieces directly.

Marketing Campaigns>>

We help businesses develop goal-driven online marketing strategies which enable them to take their business to the next level.

Web Development>>

Our design and web technology team will work closely with you to create an effective online web presence within your budget.

Print & Fulfillment>>

We print, store, and distribute your marketing and advertising materials, saving your company the time and expense of warehousing, packaging and shipping merchandise.

Marketing Resource Centers>>

Our Brand management solution allows our clients with multiple channels and distribution points to easily move product and information throughout their dispersed network.

What Our Clients Say

“SmithBates is helping Oregon Tech to redefine our visual brand during a period of high growth across the work of the university. Their creative partnership has enabled us move more quickly and with high quality to launch initiatives and meet our many marketing needs.”

- Diane “Di” Saunders, Associate VP Communications & Public Affairs, Oregon Tech

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